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Our services:

We help people to learn, we do not just deliver presentations in class.

    • We “attach” new content to existing reality
    • We respect the knowledge and experience that people bring to class and integrate their contribution to the learning event
    • We foster a connection with each individual in class
    • We contextualise the learning experience and sometimes customise the content to ensure applicability and relevance to the delegate’s workplace or environmentwoman writing

Triple-T offers the following  services:

    • Training customisation
    • E-learning development
    • Resource Patrol
    • Assessments
    • Learning material development

Training customisation:

  • Quickie training: 2 hour sessions that cover one or two topics as required
  • As with the IT training we will adapt the content of the training to suit the needs of the individuals and the business


  • Based on your learning needs we will develop electronic learning modules that allow for anytime anywhere learning

Resource Patrol:

  • Availing a resource to assist in the workplace / on-the-job.
  • A Triple T trainer is on hand in the office to answer questions.
  •  Resource patrol is an excellent method of increasing training ROI, as it:
    • Ensures the users apply the skills they learnt in class
    • Gives users quick solutions to application problems they might be struggling with. This significantly increases time spend getting the job done
    • Provides the users with a soundboard when they have completed self study
    • Provides valuable feedback for the tailoring of future courses


  • Each learner receives a certificate of attendance at the end of each training event
  • If requested Triple T will conduct assessments during and at the completion of the full- or multiday Instructor Led training sessions
  • Assessments inline with SAQA regulations can be arranged if required by you