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Computers Made Easy



Computers Made Easy

The course focuses on:

This course provides the learner with a comprehensive overview of the basic computer terminology and file management using Windows Explorer.



Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

  • Leaners who have only just started using PC’s

  • Learners who have used PC’s for a while but still do not understand the basic terminology surrounding PC’s


Duration: 1 Day





  • Input

    • Mouse, Keyboard, Other

  • Motherboard, Power Supply

  • Storage

    • Disk drives, RAM, Capacities, Other

  • Processing

    • CPU, Speeds

  • Output

    • Screen, Speakers, Printers


  • Operating Systems

  • Applications

  • Drivers

Introduction to Windows

  • Using the Mouse

    • Click, Double Click and Right Click

  • The Desktop and Taskbar

  • Manipulating windows

    • Open, Close, Move, Resize, Minimize, Restore, Maximize

  • Accessing and quitting applications

    • Calculator, Notepad

  • File storage using the Windows Explorer

    • Exploring Windows Explorer

    • Creating folders

    • Saving to and Opening from folders

    • Copy and Move between folders



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