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Microsoft Office Access

2010 | 2007 | 2003

Basic | Intermediate

Microsoft Office Access Basic

The course focuses on:

The basic aspects of Microsoft Office Access.  You will understand how a database work and which components it comprises of.  At the end of the day you will be able to set up a basic database, with fields and relationships.  You will be able to create forms and queries and format reports.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to perfect their Microsoft Access skills.
The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who wish to create a basic database

  • Anyone who has basic knowledge of Access  and wish to improve their skills on the program

  • Sales staff, marketing managers

  • Data captures

  • Business Analysts



Duration: 1 Day



Introduction to Access
Exploring Access Databases
Database components
What is an Access Database?
Create a Access Database

Field, Control and Object Names
Create a Data Table
Set Field Properties
Manipulate the Table Design
Manipulate Table Data
Delete a Table

Set Primary and Foreign keys
Create Table Relationships
Edit Relationships
Explore Sub-data sheets

Create Select Queries
Run a Query
Extend Queries with Criteria
Use Calculated fields in Queries
Apply Record Grouping and Calculations

Use AutoForm
Use Form Wizards
Create a Form Manually
Modify a Form
Set Print Options
Print a Form

Explore AutoReports
Use the Report Wizard
Add Calculated fields to a Report
Format a Report
Set Print Options
Print a Report





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