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Microsoft Office Excel

2010 | 2007 | 2003

Basic | Intermediate | Advance

Microsoft Office Excel Advance

The course focuses on:

Perfecting Excel. At the end of the day you will be able to write and record macros, do file collaboration and do advance formulae and data formatting with Excel. You will be able to anaylise data, create and modify PivotTables and work with multiple workbooks. You will also have a better understanding of XML


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to give their Microsoft Office Excel skills a boost.

The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who are familiar with Excel and has worked with it for some time
  • Accountants
  • Business Analysts
  • Debtor and creditor clerks
  • Data capturers
  • Project Managers


Duration: 1 Day



Automating Worksheets
Create a Macr
Edit a Macro
Delete a Macro
Assign a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar
Create a Macro Button
Edit a Macro Button
Adjust Macro Settings
Create Digital Signatures
Apply Digital Signatures

Data Structure and Default Settings
Apply Conditional Formatting
Add Data Validation Criteria
Locate Invalid Data and Formulas
Group and Outline Data
Update a Workbook's Properties
Modify Excel's Default Settings

File Collaboration
Apply File Protection
Protect a Worksheet
Share a Workbook
Set Revision Tracking
Review Tracked Revisions
Merge Workbooks

Auditing Features
Trace Cell Precedents
Trace Cell Dependents
Locate Errors in Formulas
Add a Watch
Evaluate Formulas

Data Analysis
Apply a Trendline to a Chart
Create Scenarios
Perform What-If Analysis with Goal Seek
Perform What-If Analysis with Solver
Create a PivotTable© Report
Edit the PivotTable© Report
Create a PivotChart© Report
Perform Statistical Analysis with the Analysis ToolPak

Work with Multiple Workbooks
Create a Workspace
Consolidate Data
Link Different Workbooks
Edit Links between Workbooks

Data Import with XML
Import XML Maps / Data
Export XML Data

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