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Microsoft Office Excel

2010 | 2007 | 2003

Basic | Intermediate | Advance

Microsoft Office Excel Intermediate

The course focuses on:

Improving your Excel skills. At the end of the day you will be able to create templates in excel, work with more advance formulae and create charts. You will also be able to sort and structure your data and insert graphic objects, comments and certain web features.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to limprove their Microsoft Office Excel skills.

The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who have worked on Excel before and are familiar with the program
  • Accountants
  • Business Analysts
  • Debtor and creditor clerks
  • Data capturers
  • Project Managers


Duration: 1 Day



Opening a Template
Creating a Template
Modifying a Template

Creating Charts
Insert a Chart
Modifying Charts
Printing Charts

The IF Function
How the IF Function works
Lookup Functions
How the VLOOKUP Function Works
The HLOOKUP Function
Date and Time functions
DSUM function
Linking cells

Named Ranges
Creating a named range
Removing a name from a cell
Using named ranges in a calculation

Working with Data
Sorting Data
Multiple Level Sorts
Filtering Data with the Filter

Import and Export Data
Exporting data from Excel
Importing data into Excel

Working with Graphic Objects
Adding a Shape
Resizing an AutoShape
Modifying an AutoShape
Changing the order of object
Grouping objects

Comments and Web Features
Using Hyperlinks
Publish a worksheet to the web


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