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Finances for non-financial managers


The course focuses on:

Basics of finance in real simple terms


Who should attend this course?

Anyone who would like to be introduced to finance and basic financial calculations will benefit from this course


Duration: 1 Day



Unit 1: Basics of accounting
Topic A:  Accounting
Topic B:  Key accounting terms
Unit 2:  Income Statement
Topic A:  Income Statement basics
Topic B:  Prepare and interpret an Income Statement

 Unit 3:  Balance Sheet
 Topic A:  Balance Sheet basics
 Topic B:  Prepare Balance Sheets
Topic C:  Interpret Balance Sheets

 Unit 4:  Other financial statements
Topic A:  Cash Flow Statement
 Topic B:  Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

Unit 5:  Budgeting
Topic A:  Fundamentals of budgeting
Topic B:  Analyze financial statements
Topic C:  Set objectives
Topic D:  Monitor performance

Unit 6:  Operating budgets
Topic A:  Operating budget basics
Topic B:  Operating budget terminology
Topic C:  Operating budget methods

Unit 7:  Ethical decisions
Topic A:  Basics of business ethics
Topic B:  Making ethical decisions

Unit 8:  Whistle-blowing
Topic A:  Whistle-blowing criteria and risks
Topic B:  The whistle-blowing process


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