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Microsoft Office Project

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Basic | Advance

Microsoft Project Basic

The course focuses on:

The Project basic course introduces the learner o the setup of a project. IT takes the through the essential steps of preparing a project calendar, capturing tasks and resources and assigning those resources to the tasks. This course covers all the actions that lead up to the saving of a baseline.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Project.
The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who have not worked with Project before

  • Anyone who has worked a bit with Project but is not familiar with all its functions

  • Project Managers

  • Project Administrators

  • Project Accountants

  • Personal Assistants



Duration: Project Begining and advanced is presented as a 3 day course




Introduction to Project
The Project Window Components
Show or Hide the Entry bar
Show or Hide Ribbons
Navigating the Views in Project
Access More Views
Using a different Table in the Gantt Chart
Access More Tables
Showing the Detail Form (Splitting the Window)
Switch between Forms in the Split Window

Setting Up a New Project
Create a New Project
Update Project Properties
Save a New Project
Create a Copy of a Project
Setting Up a Project Template
Using the Project Templates
Setting up the Standard Calendar

Creating the Work Breakdown Structure
Capturing Tasks
Changing the Scheduling method
Selecting Tasks
Edit Tasks
Open the Task Information dialogue box
Add Notes to Tasks
Deleting Tasks
Copy and Move tasks
Adjusting the Task Order
Insert a New Task
Creating Summary Tasks

Task Duration and Relationships
Duration Types
Set Task Duration
Setting a milestone task          
Task Dependency Types
Link Tasks
Edit Task Dependencies
Lag and Lead Times
Task Constraints
Task Deadlines
Recurring Tasks
Split Tasks
Create a Project Summary Task          
Setting Up a Task Calendar

Set up Resources
Create Resources
Types or Resources
Open the Resource Information Dialogue Box
Edit Resources
Deleting Resources
Copy and Move resources
Adjusting the Resource Order
Add a New Resource

Resource Assignment
Task Types
Effort Driven Tasks
Assign Resources
Adjust Resource Assignments
Remove Assigned Resources
Level Resources
Create a Resource Calendar

The Baseline and Critical Path
Save the Baseline
Clear the Baseline
View the Critical Path and Baseline

Planning Reports
View Reports
Print Reports
Planning Report Content Summary

Print Preview
Page Setup



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