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Microsoft Office Outlook

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Basic | Advance

Microsoft Office Outlook Basic

The course focuses on:

A basic introduction to Outlook.  The course teaches you to compose and manage messages, customise mail and set up calendar options.  By the end of the day you will be able to schedule appointments and meetings, manage your contacts, create and manage tasks and create notes.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who uses Outlook.
The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who uses or wish to use Outlook

  • Anyone who wishes to use outlook schedule meetings and events

Duration: 1 Day




Introduction to Outlook
The Outlook Window Components
Log On to Outlook     
Message Window Components         
Edit the Quick Access Toolbar
Message Handling      

Composing Messages
Address a Message    
Format a Message      
Check Spelling and Grammar           
Attach a File   
Attach Item     
Open and Save an Attachment         

Message Management          
Using Views     
Flag a Message          
Create a Folder          
Move Messages to a Folder   
Copy Messages to Folders      
Delete a Folder           

Customizing Mail        
Use Stationery 
Create Signatures       
Modify Signatures       
Remove Signatures     

Set Calendar Options 
Set Work Days and Times        
Display Other Time Zones        
Set Free/Busy Options 
Print the Calendar      

Schedule Appointments         
The Outlook Calendar
Schedule an Appointment     
Assign a Category to an Appointment          
Edit Calendar Entries  

Schedule Meetings     
Schedule a Meeting   
Reply to a Meeting Request   
Propose a New Meeting Time 
Track Meeting Responses        
Update a Meeting Request     
Cancel a Meeting Request     

Contact Management
Add a Contact           
Sort Contacts  
Find a Contact           
Edit a Contact
Delete a Contact       
Print Contacts 

Task Management     
Create a Task 
Edit a Task       
Update a Task 
Assign a Task  
Reply to a Task Request          
Send a Task Update    
Track Assigned Tasks   

Outlook Notes 
Create a Note
Edit a Note     
Copy a Note  




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