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Microsoft Office Publisher

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Microsoft Publisher

The course focuses on:

This course offers complete training to equip you to use all of the features made available in Publisher.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Publisher.
The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who have not worked with Visio before and needs to do technical drawings

  • Anyone who has worked a bit with Visio but is not familiar with all its functions

  • Anyone who needs to create publications from business cards to websites


Duration: 2 Days




Introduction to Publisher
The Publisher Window Components
File Backstage View
Start Publisher
Open Publisher from Start
Edit the Quick Access Toolbar
Create a New Publication
Save a Publication
Copy a Publication
Open an Existing Publication
Use Undo and Redo
View Options
Close a Publication
Close Publisher

Working with Text Frames
Insert a Text Frame
Select a Text Frame
Resize a Text Frame
Move a Text Frame
Delete a Text Frame
Format Text
Text Alignment
Format Character Spacing
Format Line Spacing
Adding Bullet Points
Drop Cap
Use Format Painter

Working with Styles & Schemes
Colour Schemes
Font Schemes

Controlling Text Flow
Inserting Columns
Linking text boxes
Insert a File

Working with Table Frames
Insert a Table
Move a Table
Resize a Table
Navigating in a Table
Selection Techniques
Adding text to a Table
Insert Rows and Columns
Delete Rows, Columns and a Table
Resize Rows and Columns
Format text in a Table
Borders and Shading
Text Direction
Merge Cells
Split Cells
Rotate a Table

Drawing Objects
Draw Shape
Draw Lines
Select Objects
Resize Objects
Copy Objects
Move Objects
Rotate an Object
Change an Object’s Dimension
Format an Object
Text Wrapping
Group and Ungroup Objects
Object Order
Align and Distribute Objects

Working with Images
Insert Clip Art
Insert a Picture
Insert WordArt

Working with Pages
Insert a Page
Delete a Page
Move a Page
Rename a Page
Background Colour
Page Setup and Layout
Create a Master Page

Working with Building Blocks
What is Building Blocks
Page Parts
Borders & Accents

Working with Business Information
Edit Business Information
Add New Business Information
Switch between Business Information Sets
Insert Business Information

Working with Links

Prepare for Printing
Headers and Footers
Insert Page Number
Spell Check a Publication
Preview a Publication

Types of Publications
Business Cards
Quick Publications
Web Page

Mail Merge
Generating a Mail Merge





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