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Microsoft Office Word

2010 | 2007 | 2003

Basic | Intermediate | Advance

Microsoft Office Word Basic

The course focuses on:

A basic overview of Word and its functions.  The course shows you how to open an existing document, save documents and create new documents.  The course focus on how to format text and paragraphs, manipulate text, insert tables, inserting graphics and special characters.  By the end of the day you will know how to proof a document and setup for printing.


Who should attend this course?woman working on laptop

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn Microsoft Office Word Basic.
The following people will find this course helpful:

  • Anyone who have not worked with Word before

  • Anyone who has worked a bit with Word but is not familiar with all its functions

  • Receptionists

  • Personal Assistance

  • Secretaries

  • Administration Clerks



Duration: 1 Day



Introduction to Word   
The Word Window Components         
Edit the Quick Access Toolbar
Use Alt for Shortcut keys          
Create a New Document       
Add Text to a Document        
Use Undo and Redo   
Document Navigation           
Text Navigation Techniques    
Text Selection Techniques       
Save a Document      
Copy a Document     
Open an Existing Document   

Manipulating Text in a Document       
Move and Copy Text  
Delete Text      
Find and Replace Text
Use Quick Parts           

Text Formatting Techniques     
General Text Formatting          
Use the Highlight Tool 
Use Format Painter      
Find and Replace Text Formatting      
Clear Formatting        

Paragraph Formatting Techniques      
Paragraph Alignment 
Line Spacing   
Paragraph Indents      
Borders and Shading  
Create Bulleted Lists    
Create Numbered Lists           

Add Tables to a Document     
Work with Tabs
Insert a Table  
Adjust Table Properties           
Add Rows and Columns        
Delete Rows, Columns and Tables     
Add Text to a Table    
Apply Table Styles       

Graphic and Special Elements           
Insert Symbols and Special Characters          
Insert Clip Art  

Proof a Document       
Spell Check a Document       
Substitute Words with the Thesaurus    
Word Count    

Setup for Printing         
Preview a Document  
Set Page Orientation  
Adjust Page Margins  
Create a Header and a Footer          
Insert and Remove Page Breaks         




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