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Call Centre Management


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Duration: 1 Day



Unit 1: Call center fundamentals
Topic A: Establishing a call center
Topic B: Setting up the call center

Unit 2: Call center technology
Topic A: Service and information technology
Topic B: Call load and staffing

Unit 3: Employee motivation and monitoring
Topic A: Employee motivation
Topic B: Communication with employees
Topic C: Employee performance evaluation
Topic D: Employee monitoring tools

Unit 4: Employee management
Topic A: Reduce turnover
Topic B: Stress management
Topic C: Training

Unit 5: Customer management
Topic A: Customer expectations
Topic B: Customer relationship management

Unit 6: Managing for excellent service
Topic A: Setting service levels
Topic B: Achieving service levels
Topic C: Analyzing reports

Unit 7: Communicating information to executives
Topic A: Information that executives need
Topic B: Communicate with executives

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