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Sales Training

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Sales Training Advance


The course focuses on:

Gaining customer commitment through building relationship. By the end of the day you will be able to study your market, consult with clients and close a sale.


Who should attend this course?

Everyone who would like toimprpove their sales skills and develop strategy around it


Duration: 1 Day



Unit 1: Gaining customer commitment
Topic A:    Building relationships
Topic B:    Demonstrating the need
Topic C:   Satisfying the need
Unit 2: Studying the market
Topic A:   Sales strategies
Topic B:   Analyzing markets and competitors
Topic C:   Researching clients
Unit 3:  Developing a winning strategy
Topic A:  Consulting with clients
Topic B:  Developing solutions
Unit 4:  Effectively closing a sale
Topic A:  Demonstrating the benefits
Topic B:  Confirming commitment
Topic C:  Closing the sale and following up

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