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Stress Management


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Duration: 1 Day



Part 1: Understanding Stress
The Effects of Stress on Emotional Health
Recognizing Stress
Testing Your Stress Level
Identifying Behavior Patterns
The Three Stages of Stress
Identifying the Symptoms of Stress
The Effect of Stress on the Physical Self
Keeping the Adrenaline in Check
Examining Workplace Stress
Understanding Occupational Burnout
Finding the “Right” Amount of Stress

Part 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Stress
Identifying the Stress in Your Life
Coping with Stress
Alleviating Stress at Work
Expressing Your Feelings
Using Stress Releases and Safety Valves

Part 3: Reducing Stress Through Biofeedback, Mindfulness, and Meditation
Understanding Biofeedback
Developing Mindfulness
Practicing Meditation

Part 4: Improving Relationships with Self and Others
Accepting Yourself as a Unique Individual
Sorting Realistic from Unrealistic Expectations
Assessing Your Strengths
Acknowledging Universal Human Needs
Building Better Relationships
Recognizing Negative Relationship Patterns

Part 5: Enhancing Your Emotional Health
Understanding Emotional Maturity
Expressing Emotions Appropriately
Exploring Your Own Emotional Fitness
Building Self-Confidence
Solving Problems Openly
Ten Tips for Maintaining Emotional Fitness
Setting Personal Goals
Reviewing Your Personal Goals

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